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Find all the details you’ll need when traveling to Niagara Falls, USA. Find transportation tips, learn about the weather, see maps of popular areas and more. International Visitors will find information on consulates, US customs and what to expect. Visit Niagara Falls USA has put together a list of links to get you started for planning your trip. This is your one-stop-shop for planning your trip to Niagara Falls, USA.

So go ahead get started planning. Meet friends and make it a friendscation or, how about that family vacation
you never took? Even if you don’t all have the same interests, you’ll all have plenty to do in Niagara Falls, USA.


Getting to Niagara Falls
Whether you’re traveling to Niagara Falls, USA by air, car, bus, train or by RV, you can find the information for planning your travel here.

Niagara Falls USA Basics
Continue reading for basic visitor information (what to bring, things to know) and an overview of this special destination.

Niagara Falls USA Map

View a map of Niagara Falls, USA hotels and attractions!